We have always been committed to maintaining high environmental standards,

ensuring quality of the production processes and safety in the workplace.

We care about safety and health and of course, quality of food contact materials. We employ materials that do not alter the quality of the food, in compliance with MOCA (Materiali e Oggetti a Contatto con Alimenti)food contactmaterials and objects.

Eco-sustainable production and environmental protection

About 85% of the paper reels we use to produce the cardboard come from our paper mill in S. Giovanni Teatino (Chieti, Italy), which uses recycled paper from separate collection as raw material; the remaining 15% consists of papers produced with virgin fibers and / or white covers.

All the types of paper we use come from mostly FSC® certified supply chains.

The EPD certification allows analysis and measurement of the product life cycle and, through the LCA study tool, we define the consumption of resources and the impact on the surrounding environment.

We are compelled to curbing the environmental impact thanks to the constant analysis of energy, material and environmental emissions.

Protection of human rights and enhancement of human capital

The passion of our people for their work, love for the company, upgrading, training and growth are important achievements. Compliance with certifications and attention to people’s growth in the long run. ICO training in a nutshell.

Focusing on the people

Managing activities requires people, skills and passion stemming from being part of the same team.

Standardized processes to deliver quality and safety

“Safety is one of our VALUES and not just a priority”

Priorities may change according to the circumstances. On the other hand, our VALUES come before any priorities.


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FSC Certification ®

FSC® is a Certification concerning forest management and traceability of products (Chain of Custody). It ensures that our packaging is made with material from responsibly managed forests. In addition to the certified virgin material, the packaging can also be made from recycled material and sustainable wood sources, therefore consumers are fully aware of the origin of the materials being purchased.

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EPD certification ®

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certifies the environmental impact associated with the production of packaging. It contains data on energy and raw material consumption, waste production, atmospheric emissions and discharges into bodies of water.

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2015 ISO 9001certification

We have the capability to continuously supply the customer with quality products that meet both applicable legal/regulatory requirements and customer expectations.

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2015 14001 certification

Through the application of the Environmental Management System, we monitor the effects of our activities and products on the environment.

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2007 OHSAS 18001 certification

In compliance with OHSAS 18001 standards, our commitment to health and safety of our employees, as well as all visitors and contractors is duly certified.

Our safety management system is made up of a set of rules in line with current regulations on health and safety of the workplace at a regional, national and European level.

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2014 SA8000 certification

This certification allows the measurement of the ethical level and social responsibility of our company, through six-monthly assessments from an accredited independent body. Such certification is based on several international conventions, such as the ILO and the UN Human Rights Declaration.

Through the SA8000 certification, we assess performance in compliance with the following requirements: forced labor, freedom of association, discrimination, working hours and remuneration criteria.

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Accord Dangereuses Route

ADR stands for Accord Dangereuses Route, or the European agreement relating to the international transportation of dangerous goods by road which was signed in Geneva in 1957 and ratified in Italy under the application of law no. 1839 of 12th August 1962. ADR is made up of 17 articles and two annexes which are updated every two years through the application of specific amendments.

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Resy symbol

The application of the Resy symbol together with our identification number on our corrugated cardboard packaging enables its collection by the Association of second and / or waste raw material collectors (VFW vereingung fur Wertstoffrecycling GmbH) as well as its recycling by the paper mill association (VPWP Vereingung pack und wellpappenpaplere). The RESY symbol indicates that the raw material, paper and cardboard are 100% recycled and recyclable.

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Privacy policy


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