Past, present and future: A story of people, challenges and success.

ICO is a family-owned company founded in Abruzzo, Italy in 1952. Through the years, ICO has become a role model for the production of corrugated cardboard packaging in Italy.

A look into the past

Our story began in 1952 when Loreto Lancia saw great potential in corrugated cardboard for easy-to-transport, easy-to-handle, resistant boxes that would eventually substitute wooden boxes,

thus ICO Industria Cartone Ondulato came to be.

Through constant growth and openness to innovation, a simple idea has turned into a family of over 250 people, with offices and manufacturing plants in central-southern Italy.

Love for our land, trust and passion for what we do have always been our core values.

  • 1952

    Foundation year

    Loreto Lancia founds ICO with the aim to manufacture corrugated cardboard boxes.

  • 70’s

    Corrugator and paper mill installation

    ICO acquires its first corrugating machine and paper mill. Even in those days, the environment was a major concern for ICO.

  • 90’s

    New machines

    The Jumbo slotterTCY, the Simon casemaker, and the Bobst 1600 die cutter are installed.

    The corrugator is upgraded with a Fosber cutter.

    The internal lay-out is enhanced through the installation of automated roller conveyors, belts and shuttles.

  • 1999 2004

    Acquisition of the Foggia (Italy) plant

    ICO begins specializing in the production of crates for fruit and vegetables. In the meantime, the Foggia (Italy) plant is acquired.

    The all-new Massenzana Casemaker is installed.

  • 2005

    Pianella (Pescara, Italy) plant opening

    Fisher‘s business unit is acquired and further upgrades to the plant are put in place.

    New machines are introduced: Casemaker Martin 618 and Bobst 2000 with in-line 6-color Nike printer.

  • 2013

    Kimberly – Clark plant acquisition

    The Kimberly-Clark plant in Alanno is acquired. Tissue paper, also knows as TAD, is produced in this plant. A new business division is born: ICO TISSUE. ICO expands operations in Europe, USA, America, Asia, Africa.

  • 2018

    Quantum 2 installation

    The Quantum2 corrugator is installed in Pianella (Pe, Italy), a machine for the production of corrugated cardboard with highly advanced technology.

  • 2019

    PageWide HP C500 installation

    The PageWide HP C500 digital printer is introduced. ICO opens up to the new paper converting and communication market.

  • Automated vertical warehouse

    Work in progress

A brilliant present

Today ICO ranks among the major producers of corrugated cardboard in Italy

An area of 75,000 square meters, a production of 400,000 square meters of cardboard daily and more than 10,000 customers served over 65 years in the business. Said numbers allow us to be a crucial player in the packaging market of central and southern Italy as well as being one of the top digital printing companies in Europe.

ICO aims to carry out its production of corrugated cardboard packaging in compliance with shared values such as respecting the environment , minimizing the consumption of natural resources as well as promoting the well-being and satisfaction of those who interact with our company. Therefore, we intend to raise awareness of the company’s social role and identity within our community.

Through participation in international networks (European Packaging Team e Digital Packand multiple training activities for our employees, we are focused on international markets and cutting-edge production.

The future

Future means to us courage, change and growth

Controlled growth is the road ahead with new market segments joining our current ones. Our Pianella plant is at the center of our vision, as the San Giovanni Teatino and Foggia plants will achieve consolidation of our current market through future modernization.

Innovation and consolidation go hand in hand, thus allowing a vision of a new market that is capable of exploiting the potential of new technologies, and fulfilling new needs.

To sum up, our aim is to become a technology role model in the corrugated cardboard packaging industry.