Italian converter ICO becomes first company to acquire BOBST’s Large

Format Digital Inspection Table

ICO Industria Cartone Ondulato, a corrugated board converter based in the south of Italy, has become the first company to acquire BOBST’s new Large Format Digital Inspection Table (DIT).

When BOBST first unveiled its original DIT in 2018, its digital innovation helped to revolutionize quality control, virtually removing print production errors. It incorporates digital projection for the proofing of printed sheets and die-cut blanks, whilst providing real-time visual representations to match product with digital proofs.

Now, the Large Format DIT allows inspection of largest printable sheet formats in a mixed reality quality environment; ensuring consistent, reliable, and intelligent results. It is optimized for corrugated board, allowing 2800 x 1600mm sheets to be examined from both sides of the table. It has new and enhanced technical features, such as 4K projectors, which can also be used to great effect with flexible material.